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Design and developments

We Design With You

Our design team works closely with our customers to provide them with constant innovation and developments. Whether of fabrics, Garment design, Embellishment or washing techniques. Our showroom is updated constantly with recent developments and design explorations.

We Design For You

Using ideas and processes that hold trend, style and quality at the forefront, our team creates in-house showroom collections considering everything from catwalk to street style and current market trends.

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The Yarn



We have strategic relationships with most prominent mills both in India and Overseas. Our technical research team looks out for continuous newness as soon as it’s available in the market along with new development from the design team. 

We develop a collection of recycled cotton for more socially conscious brands. Recycled cotton available in the market is made on a yarn system know as ‘Open End’ spinning.  The quality of this fabric is not desirable and apparel made from it has a shorter wear life. Our challenge was to engineer a yarn fine enough to produce premium fabrics, with the desired functionality to create long lasting apparel.


Art of Weaving

Manufacturing and Facilities

The skills and attributes of our employees are our biggest asset and we support this with continuous training. We ensure the right tools and equipment to complete the job accurately.


Our Facilities for both woven and knits are equipped with over 500 sewing machines along with other supporting machineries; which are upgraded time to time to adapt new technological advancement.

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