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About Us

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Connoisseur Fashions is a well-integrated full-service apparel manufacturer offering services ranging from design to delivery. We produce over 1.5 Million fashion apparels in both woven and knits every year destined to the markets in Europe, UK, Japan, Australia and North America, with an average growth rate of 20% of manufacturing capacity every year.


Connoisseur Fashions passionately believes that we have a responsibility to help make our community a better place to live and work. This approach is expressed as one of the missions of Connoisseur fashions. We aim to preserve and improve the life and cultural values both for employees and society. The production in Connoisseur Fashions is in line with respect to these values that we place on people and environment.


All of Connoisseur Fashions’ production units are set to maintain ethical trading principles. We belive that a holistic work environment results best efficiency and happy employees.


Global Sourcing Principles and Ethical Trading Initiatives are standards of trading which can be independently checked and assessed by leading auditors. In compliance to these standards, we ensure our people are treated with respect, their health & safety given utmost priority, basic human rights are protected and promoted. Thus adhering to all relevant local, national rules and regulations.

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