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International Women's Day : A day well celebrated at Connoisseur Fashions

The staff of Connoisseur Fashions has organised a celebration for International Women's Day on March 8th, 2023.

The meeting was welcomed by Ms. Menaka, member of the fair trade committee, Mr.Sivakumar Ramaswamy, Ms.Anjana Sivakumar, Ms.Vidya and Ms. Prema who were in attendance on behalf of the management team. Ms.Anjana Sivakumar and Ms. Jumuna, the FT Committee's senior representative, cut a cake to inaugurate the event.

Mr. Sivakumar spoke persuasively about the importance of women as the foundation of any organisation and society. He has also explained the history of March 8 and the reasons it is observed as International Women's Day.

With much laughter and joy, the brief meeting came to a conclusion and moved on to games and performances. After an eventful time everyone dispersed with the message and goodies.

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